GoNintendo points to a Kikizo preview of the game, starring Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of Visceral Entertainment, co-developers of Extraction and original studio behind Dead Space. The piece touches on some of the reasons behind the prequel's design choices and why the project even exists in the first place:

Extraction's concept was green-lighted towards the "middle" of the original game's development period. "I was talking with Glen [Schofield, Executive Producer]," Papoutsis recalls, "and we had the animated feature and the comics going, and it was like: '****, there's a lot we haven't told. Let's go make a game for the Wii.' That was kind of where it started. I went off with a couple of people while we were working on Dead Space, trying to find some time to get the story and the idea together, the early throws of the design, had that ready to go and then was actually in parallel with Dead Space working on this."

Seems like the title was quite story-synergetic. It's interesting to note how long this one had been in development, namely before the original title went on to sell 1.4 million copies.

Visceral appear to be pushing the Wii quite a bit, and it's nice to see another developer give the console a shot and play it's strengths. Like motion controls. Not tacked on, right guys?

We're really trying to avoid making up nonsensical, waggly controls for this game.

Whew, glad we got that one sorted out.

Pop over to Kikizo for more dead things in space.

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