Waggle them to death!

The recently re-christened Visceral Games, formerly EA Redwood Shores and the developers behind Dead Space: Extraction, don't want to make things easy on you. In fact, they might be trying to kill you.

Well, maybe not in the sense of actual death, but a digital demise might be in order as well as accompanying real-world arm cramps. The original Dead Space gave you a flashlight, which illuminated wherever you happened to be aiming your gun. You'd think that mechanic would translate well to the Wiimote; it's all up in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and the newly shown Ju-on game, Feel.

Visceral says it's not as interesting and instead invented the rave-friendly Glow Worm, which illuminates your surroundings by shaking the remote. The harder the shake, the better the charge. It rings Beam Katana, but let's hope it doesn't feel tacked-on and arm-hurty.

Immersion ain't always shaking senselessly, yo.

[source deadspace.ea.com]