Castlevania Teaser Poster

Although Hollywood's track record with video game adaptations has been less than impressive over the years (see Super Mario Bros. for proof) we have to admit we were a little excited about Paul W. S. Anderson's proposed Castlevania movie.

Announced back in 2005, the film was due to begin production in 2006 but things started to go amiss and Resident Evil director Anderson (who also penned the screenplay) handed over directorial duties to Sylvain White. Things were due to get started again in 2008, but there's been no news since.

Sources close to horror website have now confirmed that the film is officially dead, having failed to claw its way out of development hell.

The Castlevania series has a long and proud connection with Nintendo consoles, so instead of mourning the loss of what had the potential to be a pretty good popcorn flick, why not delve into the history books and check out Castlevania's Nintendo History with us?