It's a bird, it's a plane...  No, you were right the first time.

The North American market will unwrap their brand new DSi units on Sunday, and if they decide to log on to the DSiShop, they will have the following five titles to choose from.

There's WarioWare: Snapped!, which should get more than a few DSi cameras up and running. As this seemed destined for launch-title status from the start, this shouldn't be particularly surprising.

There is also Bird & Beans (aka: Pyoro) which is a longer version of a WarioWare mini-game, with two modes and (most likely) some very addictive gameplay. Again, not too much of a shock...

Then there's Art Style: Aquite, the sliding-block puzzler with the ever-changing name. Thanks to several sources (including our own reader NintendoPurist) we can confirm that Aquite is this game's final name. The most surprising thing about this launch title is that we'll finally know what to call it!

But two surprises follow!

Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face is the first in a series of Master of Illusion Express titles. This one focusses around a particular card-trick that will enable you to correctly guess what card your friend has chosen. I'm sure GOB Bluth will be downloading this one; will you?

And finally Brain Age Express: Math will be available for immediate download as well. And why not? After all, there's nothing a kid likes better than opening up his new game system on a Sunday night to dive right into a math quiz or two.

Nintendo's press release also makes passing mention of the free DSi Browser, so be sure to grab that even if nothing else tickles your fancy right now. Also remember to log onto the DSi Shop as quickly as possible in order to claim your free 1000 Nintendo Points.

And speaking of points, no information on game pricing was released, but we'd bet they're going to be somewhat in line with the Australian rates we reported on earlier.

So what will you be downloading? Is there anything you would have preferred to see during launch?