They're heeee-ere...

Just a quick run-through of the launch titles that Australia is now able to access and download on their brand-spankin'-new DSi units! Not really a very surprising launch as very similar rumors have been circulating for the past week or so, but this may be an indication of what other regions can expect as well.

First of all there's the DSi Browser (absolutely free) which will enable you to cruise the internet on your lovely new system. There's no reason whatsoever not to snag this, so go do it!

Then there's Pyoro and Paper Plane (200 Nintendo Points each), which are both beefed up versions of WarioWare mini-games. At such a low price point, these should make for very good pickups, but, as always, we will have full reviews posted as quickly as possible.

Speaking of WarioWare, there's WarioWare: Snapped! (500 Nintendo Points) available as well, and this should be an excellent buy for anybody wanting to make immediate use of the DSi's new camera, and hopefully some other features as well.

Art Style fans should also be rejoicing, as not one but two new installments are available as well. There's Art Style: Azurio (500 Nintendo Points), which is a sliding block puzzle with an aquatic theme, and Art Style: D-Code (500 Nintendo Points) which is a little more math-oriented, but doesn't seem to require anything more complicated than simple addition.

Do any of these releases tickle your fancy? Was there something you were hoping to see that you haven't gotten? Regardless of how many games (if any) you intend to download immediately, don't forget to log into the shop and collect your 1000 free Nintendo Points! You'll have only yourself to blame if you don't...