On sale: now with 50% less employees!

Ok, it’s not huge news that the economy isn’t doing so well, so it’s no surprise that THQ is looking to get rid of extra weight in the form of subsidiary Big Huge Games. Hard to blame them after they posted a $191.8 million loss last quarter. A number of its employees were laid off and THQ spokesperson Julie MacMedan told Joystiq recently that they were actively pursuing buyers for the company.

Big Huge was in the middle of developing God: The Game (an Animal Crossing/ Legend of Zelda inspired title for Wii) as well as RPG Ascendant for PS3, Xbox360 and PC. Apparently there are several buyers checking out the developer including Curt Schiling’s 38 Studios, so there is still hope that Big Huge may have us commanding lowly mortals sometime in the future after all.

[source joystiq.com]