I have you now!

IGN blogger gamingmaster42 had many questions about the multiplayer aspects of The Conduit (as do many of our own forumites) and decided to send off a missive to get the straight story from High Voltage regarding ranking/achievements, friend codes and WiiSpeak.

Here is the response from Josh Olson, the game's producer:

  • Proximity voice only applies for Free-for-All games. Team chat is used for Team Reaper and Team Objective game types. You can’t, however, talk to members on the opposing team in team games.
  • You can only talk to Friends and Friends of Friends with WiiSpeak per Nintendo guidelines. While we would have liked to have been able to open it up to everyone, we’re obligated to follow Nintendo’s requirements.
  • You can mute/unmute anyone, both in the Lobby and in-game.
  • There is a ranking and XP system.
  • You can add Friends in-game without having to manually enter a Friend Code either through sending a console friend request to a Wii console friend or through our UI if a player is a Friend of a Friend. For everyone else, you’ll have to manually enter their Friend Code. Again, we’re obligated to follow Nintendo requirements for Friend Codes.
  • We won’t be supporting DLC or system updates for The Conduit. It’s something that we’ve looked at very closely and plan to implement moving forward with our future titles.

I don't know about anyone else, but the ability to send friend requests via the in-game engine is pretty cool -- even if you have to manually add them later.

Having WiiSpeak apply to friends of friends is also a nice touch that will make team chat more possible and the ability to mute individuals is also quite excellent and should enhance the experience overall. I'm normally not that keen on online play in first person shooters, but after seeing this information and a new multiplayer video I'm actually getting a bit excited about the prospect. I may even drop £20 on WiiSpeak, who can say?

[source blogs.ign.com]