Fight! Fight! Fight!

In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America Peter Dille and SCEA Corporate Communications Manager Julie Han let fly with what is likely to become a near-legendary series of quotes:

JH: The other point, I think, to what Peter said earlier, is that PlayStation products tend to be at the living room hub. Even if folks are playing the Wii and have a PS3, the Wii tends to stay in the closet, and the PS3 is…

PD: Yeah, I don’t want to steal [CEO] Jack [Tretton]’s quote, but he’s fond of saying: “Microsoft owns the office; Sony owns the living room; and Wii owns the closet.” And that’s an aggressive, probably quotable line.

Quoteable? Yes, yes it is. Stupid? Yeah, it's that too.

The fact that there are probably more Wii consoles under TV sets in the world than there are PS3s and 360s combined is seemingly lost on these two...but then, it's their job to talk up Sony's current status within the industry so you can't really blame them (or CEO Tretton) for being a little economical with the truth.

Personally speaking, I have a Wii and a 360 in my living room, and a Playstation 3 is nowhere to be seen. Not even in the trash can.