Peter Moore

During the conference keynote address EA Sports head Peter Moore spoke about EA Sports' current philosophy towards the Wii stating that "You can't simply take what you're doing on the PS3 or Xbox 360 and port – that's a dirty word – down to the Wii." New titles like Grand Slam Tennis (EA's first tennis game) and the new Tiger Woods game -- both of which support the new Motion Plus peripheral -- are evidence of this new direction.

In addition he pointed out the need for EA to expand beyond the primarily male sports gaming demographic via lifestyle titles like EA Sports Active. With the strong performance of Ubisoft's My Fitness Coach and WiiFit's evergreen status, that's probably a good idea.

Given the core position EA Sports has within the company and the prominent place of sports/lifestyle titles in the Wii software library, putting a lot of effort into making ground-up sports titles for the Wii is a no-brainer. EA has also created original titles that play to the Wii's strengths like Boom Blox (and its upcoming sequel Boom Blox Bash Party) as well as Dead Space Extraction. As a long-time gamer that remembers when the EA brand was considered a mark of quality it's good to hear someone at the top in the company has a desire bring that back by making great original content on the number one gaming platform today.

Note: MI6 is a digital entertainment marketing conference formed in 2006 by Microsoft and non-profit trade association Promax/BDA. It proved successful enough that it's continued ever since (MI6 is actually short for Marketing Interactive 2006 in case you didn't know).

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