Rush those blocks!

In Japan you simply cannot have a download release list that's less than four games and next week will be no exception with a mixed total of six.

Only two WiiWare releases:

  • World of Goo published by Nintendo themselves for 1500 points -- I think everyone knows what this game is by now!
  • Hajiite Block Rush from Agenda for 500 points -- this one looks very pretty, but I'm not sure about how compelling the gameplay is. According to a video on the game website it seems to be a block breaking game where you use the pointer as a virtual paddle to knock a ball into various blocks to score points. There are different balls with various properties and WiFi leaderboards and the blocks move about or are arranged on all four sides of the screen in a departure from traditional block-breaking games like Breakout or Arkanoid. It's only 500 points and it looks like something that could end up on other WiiWare services.

The VC has four releases from four consoles:

  • Akumajou Densetsu (Castlevania III) from Konami for the Famicom 500 points
  • Phantasy Star from Sega for the Sega Master System 600 points
  • Ninja Ryuukenden (Ninja Gaiden) from Hudson for the PC Engine 600 points
  • Starblade from Namco for the Virtual Console Arcade 800 points

I can only imagine what the world would be like if NoA and NoE had download weeks like this...