A typically inauspicious plane for a spy.

We brought you the first teaser of EA's forthcoming MySims Agents a few days ago, but now the game has officially gone public and the first few scant details have come to light.

Billed as an "action-puzzler", MySims Agents sees you putting together a motley crew of hackers, stealthy thieves and other sneakily-skilled Sims to take down an evil genius named Morcubus, who presumably wants to do something very bad to the world. There'll be plenty of customisation, cutesy characters and all the other elements of MySims games that make them such a natural fit for the world of international espionage. The DS version will play out a lot like previous portable MySims games, with puzzles to solve and ten minigames to play.

EA have clearly picked up on a gaping hole in the market for handheld cutesy minigame compilations, so you can all jump for joy when MySims Agents is released on Wii and DS on June 16th in the US, with European release dates to follow.

[source eurogamer.net]