It's time for you to show your creative side.

Just a few days ago, the latest WarioWare was released via DSiWare, and there's already another title in the series ready to ship for the platform. Entitled Made in Ore, the game puts a huge amount of emphasis on creating microgames as opposed to playing them.

Included in the final retail version will be 90 different and unique microgames. Though it's doubtful that these will take advantage of the Nintendo DSi like WarioWare: Snapped!, we do, however, know that your games can be played via your Wii.

When the game ships on April 29th, there will be three sections for players to get involved in:

  • My House, where you work on your microgames.
  • WarioWare, a tutorial of the game.
  • My Shop, where you save games and piece them together.

Besides all this new content, you can also draw sprites, create sound effects, make rules, create music, draw comics and more. When your microgame is completed, you can upload your work to Nintendo for contests. For those wanting in on other people's creations, you can also download microgames, music and comics from Nintendo.

Launching with Mario in Ore is Asobu Made in Ore, a title that lets you transfer and play your Made in Ore games on the big screen. Running at a steep 800 Nintendo points, we're a little sceptical about whether or not this will be worth the initial price tag.