Dual wielding? Yes please.

Although Wii launch title Red Steel received a mixed response from the critics, its sequel is deep in the works and presents more than a little promise. The motion sensitive Wii Remote seems an uncanny representative for both shooting and sword fighting games, and Red Steel 2 promises to deliver both in full force. The original attempted the same of course, but according to the latest details, Red Steel 2 is set to support Nintendo's new MotionPlus add-on, a much-needed addition to a scheme that revolves heavily on precision.

Set in the wild west (apparently), Red Steel 2 is sure to turn heads with a strange combination of gun and swordplay. Still, any self-respecting gamer is sure to be intrigued, at the very least. Details at this point remain very sparse, but with a Holiday 09 date slapped on it, you can expect to hear more from this game before long.

[source joystiq.com]