Dead in the water.

While Deca Sports proved to be a monster hit in terms of sales for Hudson, its sequel - which was released earlier this week in Japan - doesn't look like following in its predecessor's footsteps, at least in Japan. With first day sales of only 2,500, Deca Sports 2 has failed to capture the public's interest quite like its older brother did.

Seeing as Hudson shipped 83,000 copies of the game for its launch, it's doubtful they're pleased with its performance in Japan thus far. Maybe the title will develop some legs, but the way things are looking now, it surely isn't going to reach the 250,000+ mark that its predecessor reached last year in Japan. Perhaps this is an indication that even Japan are starting to tire of the Wii's relentless onslaught of cheap sporting collections, to which our response would be "about time, too."

When Media Create releases Deca Sports 2's first week sales later next week, we'll be sure to pass them on to you. As usual, stay tuned to Nintendo Life for localization announcements regarding Deca Sports 2.