In space, no one can hear you shout "Mummy!"

EA has unleashed more shots of its upcoming Wii-exclusive title Dead Space: Extraction.

Based on the same universe seen in the 360/PS3 original, Extraction is an on-rails shooter which sees the player fighting off alien monsters called Necromorphs. These rather nasty creatures inhabit dead bodies and reanimate them, creating some truly horrible enemies.

Obviously these shots show that the game isn't quite as graphically impressive as the next-gen editions but we still have very high hopes.

Dead Space: Extraction is out later this year, so it would probably be a good idea to stock up on additional underwear. If it's anywhere near as scary as the original then you'll be messing your pants at least once before you reach the end.

Check out our Dead Space: Extraction gallery for the new shots.

Update: Some better quality official screenshots have now been uploaded.