Matt Mechtley - keepin' it real

When Lucas Barton uttered those immortal words in the 1989 movie The Wizard it made every single Nintendo fan on the face of the planet want one.

The reality was a little less impressive, but thankfully modder Matt Mechtley is ensuring that this iconic peripheral isn’t forgotten; he’s tinkered around with it to add additional functionality, although he’s yet to actually code any programs that take advantage of it.

Matt had this to say:

It's been 20 years now since Mattel released the Power Glove, in 1989. Especially in the last few years, the availability of sophisticated sensing equipment to hardware hackers has grown by leaps and bounds. Technology like programmable microcontrollers, accelerometers, and Bluetooth are readily available - and cheap. In short, the time is ripe to re-make the Power Glove - and make it right.

Amen to that. Nintendo fandom salutes you, Matt!