Even this poor guy finally got one.

Ok, maybe the economy really is THAT bad, right now. Or, more likely everyone already has a Wii now. Well if you’re one of the few that doesn’t, than you’re in luck because, for now, the lines are gone so you can sneak in to get one unnoticed by the bullies.

Gamestop SVP of Merchandising, Bob McKenzie told Gamasutra recently that the Wii supply is finally reaching demand.

"You know, three years later, we finally have enough inventory on the shelf, and we've got a couple of weeks in supply of this. That's good because we can finally determine and gauge it before we get into the fourth holiday season."

The recent move to raise the wholesale price up on the units for the UK arm of Nintendo wasn’t welcome news to consumers but it’s unlikely to happen in the states as well. "I don't think they need to make the price move down either, on the Wii," says McKenzie. "I think finally we've gotten to the point where we're going to be able to get a real good run rate on this thing."

Gosh, I do hope everyone over at Nintendo is getting by ok. Maybe someone at A.I.G. would have some advice.

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