Finally, the first Shinobi game!

The least surprising of the bunch is Fantasy Zone II. It was already released in Japan in January, so a release elsewhere was to be expected any time, really!

That's not all for the Master System though - Secret Command (Which Japan has had since June last year!) and the first Shinobi are also on the way. All three of these games are quite good, so you can look forward to their release!

The OFLC has also rated yet another import game - That means there's now 8 of them lined up for release in PAL regions! Come on Nintendo, hold another Hanabi Festival already! As expected it's Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen, which was recently released in the US.

The OFLC has also rated three WiiWare games which we already knew were coming - Adventure Island: The Beginning, Art Style: Azurio and Art Style: D-Code.

Source: The OFLC