All will be revealed on April 3.

The website for Sega's mysterious Project Ringo has been updated with a new teaser, which can be viewed here.

The new update has many convinced that Project Ringo is the code-name for the seventh entry in Sega's long-running Puyo Puyo series of falling-block puzzlers, and it's not as if the evidence isn't starting to pile up. Mysterious new character sporting green Puyo hairclip? Check. Brief glimpses at perennial Puyo characters Amitie, Arle and Carbunkle? Yup. Ridiculous math problem ending in 24247 (pronounced "tsu yo tsu yo seven" in Japanese)? You gotcha. The last teaser will be revealed on April 3 alongside a more serious announcement in Famitsu, so until then this is all speculation, but I'm sure any official reveal will be a mere formality to some of you out there.

The last Puyo game to receive a release outside of Japan, Puyo Pop Fever, was released in 2004 for Playstation 2, Gamecube, DS and Game Boy Advance. Given the amount of hype surrounding Project Ringo, however, it seems hard to believe that it would be released solely in Japan. Could we be looking at a downloadable title, perhaps?

Be sure to watch NintendoLife on April 3 when the Project Ringo mystery is fully unravelled!