In Big Bang Mini, your objective is to destroy wave upon wave of enemies, which in turn lights up the night sky with bursts of colorful fireworks. Use the stylus to dodge enemy fire and debris while collecting stars. Specifically designed with the Nintendo DS Touch Screen in mind, Big Bang Mini packs a challenge that any casual or hardcore shooter fan will enjoy.

One of the highlights of the game is the incredible soundtrack by Paris-based artists Yubaba, Smith & Fortune, which was awarded Best Music at the Festival du Jeu Video in 2008. Featuring 24 awesome tracks, the OST can now be downloaded from the ‘downloads’ section of

“Big Bang Mini is a fresh take on the stale shoot ‘em up genre,” said Jonathan Hales, Managing Director of SouthPeak Interactive. “Its bright colors and fantastic animations make it a joy to watch, just as its ever challenging levels and options make it a pleasure to play. We are offering this game at a great price point that make it a must buy for any serious gamer.”

In addition to over 90 levels for players to take on in Arcade Mode, Big Bang Mini also sports a Challenge Mode where players can submit their high scores to an online leaderboard using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, a multiplayer Versus Mode, a task-based Mission Mode and even a Relax Mode for those that want to shoot fireworks without having to worry about dodging enemies.

We've had a play with the demo and its pretty nifty, we suggest you check it out and see if you want the full game.