NoA delivers much awaited treasures!

Living in North America and being an avid Animal Crossing: City Folk player can be tough. In fact, there is a chance that you have a bit of a chip on your shoulder since you most certainly do not have one of those nifty Pikmin hats, but the times are changing, and after four months, North America receives its first gift from Nintendo!

If you’re a consistent player of Animal Crossing: City Folk (and have an internet connection and WiiConnect24 enabled), you will have already noticed that good old Pete was sitting outside your house with a special letter for you from Nintendo. The first (of hopefully many) letter from Nintendo includes a special Shamrock Hat in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, and can be received between March 17th and March 24th.

In addition, Nintendo of America has also added a section to the Wii’s website - - specifically for Animal Crossing: City Folk’s upcoming offerings, and features a tutorial on how to get your game and system set up to receive these precious presents we’ve longed for. So bookmark that page, and keep an eye out for Pete to be bringing goodies in the future!