Little Mac's set to come out swinging in May

Nintendo of Europe has released a few scant details on the upcoming Punch-Out!! sequel for the Wii:

The title, developed by Next Level Games (Mario Strikers), will reportedly feature a new two-player mode in which Little Mac can square off against himself.

NOE also confirmed that the title will boast 13 playable fighters -- roughly three more than the original. And it will also include Doc Louis.

Additionally, the company provides some new details about the motion-based controls (gamers can also play traditionally holding the Wii remote on its side). "Punching is a simple case of taking a swing at your opponent whilst holding different combinations of buttons. Soften them up with jabs by pressing up on the Nunchuk Control Stick when you punch, or crash home a super-charged Star Punch by holding the C or A Buttons as you let your hands go," Nintendo revealed.

Given that the Wii sequel is largely based off the NES iterations of Punch-Out!! One can only assume that most of the playable characters will be taken from that title. With Don Flamenco, Glass Joe, King Hippo and Von Kaiser already confirmed it'll be interesting to see if any new characters make the cut. Somehow I can't see Mr. Tyson returning, but that'll always be the dream... (geddit, dream, like Mr. Drea... never mind)

Punch-Out!! will be released in North America on May 18 and PAL territories on May 22. Stay tuned to Nintendo Life for more coverage as the game nears release.