16-shot - button mashing pro

As you might know, Master Higgins (Takahashi Meijin) is Hudson's number one PR guy. Long ago he was able to hit a button 16 times a second, which propelled him into Japanese stardom.

In the recently released Wii game Job Island: Hard Working People (Known as 'Help Wanted' in North America) you can take on a variety of jobs, such as farmer, dancer, bodyguard, doctor and more. Of course Hudson has also included a crazier job, you can attempt to become the new Master Higgins! And what better way to do this than with a button mashing contest using Hudson's famous Shooting Watch:

It'll probably take you quite a bit of practice to be just as good as the real deal, but at least you can steal his job now!

If you want to know a bit more about Master Higgins, we recently conducted an interview with him about the upcoming Adventure Island: The Beginning game over at WiiWare World.