Help Abe negotiate a terrifying world of electrical powered items in Super Amish World

The ROM hacking community can sometimes bring the world some real gems such a translation for a classic RPG which never made it outside of Japan, or adding extra levels to Super Mario Bros for those who like a more extreme challenge. Not that we condone this sort of naughty behaviour here at Nintendo Life you understand, but if you are gonna do it then at least do something worthwhile.

Some bedroom hackers who definitely don’t subscribe to that ethos are those in The Minus World’s top 20 list of deranged and offensive ROM hacks. These range from the outright offensive, to the confusingly amusing.

Ever wondered what it would be like to play Super Mario Bros 2 as a black Luigi taking on the KKK? Wonder no more! Aside from the predictable nude patches there are a few funny ones too, including my favourite which is Super Amish Bros where a bearded Mario (instead called Abe) has to take on a crazed world of evils such as cars and electrical plugs. Oh well, at least the power-ups have become friendly gardening tools, it’s just a shame that no one in Amish community will ever get to play this for themselves.

Does this list offend your fragile sensibilities? If not what are some of your favourite ‘concepts’?