And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad, the game The Sun's decrying is the best the Wii's ever had

UK's The Sun, the world's most highly-circulated tabloid, has attacked Sega's latest marketing stunt promoting the release of Platinum Games' Wii-exclusive stylised gorefest MadWorld which saw bloodied prosthetic limbs scattered across London.

The prosthetics, coloured to match the game's signature monochromatic style and each clutching a copy of MadWorld, have apparently "sickened" the general public, according to The Sun. A spokesperson for Sega Europe, however, was only too happy to defend the promotion:

Sega is delighted to be leading the way with adult games for the Wii, and we are sure that gaming fans will see it as a breath of fresh air.

The arms used were very clearly black and white to reflect the comic-book nature of the game.

We had a team of people carefully monitoring reaction to the arms, if anyone at all found them offensive we removed them immediately. But we have had no complaints from the public at all.

Even at the best of times one should take anything printed in The Sun with a generous helping of salt, but considering that MadWorld and the two other games mentioned in the article, Resident Evil 5 and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, have been reviewed favourably by the paper themselves, one can only wonder where their priorities really lie. Let me know when Ubisoft starts dismembering ponies to promote its next DS game, then we'll talk.

The article in full, as well as a picture of the promotional prosthetic, can be viewed here. Stay tuned to Nintendo Life for more news, reviews and inane rambling on all things Nintendo.