hero-of-time: simple, stylish, professional, great job!

Better late than never! To celebrate the fantastic return of House of the Dead we've teamed up with SEGA to give away five of the fabulous "They came for brains, you'll give them bullets" House of the Dead Overkill T-Shirts. All you have to do is goto the Overkill Poster Creator and design a poster for Overkill using your favourite artwork and characters, save it to your computer then submit your entry on this page, simple! We'll then choose our five favourite designs and announce the winners on March 25th.

If you check the corner of your screen you'll see that today is indeed March 25th so it's ripe time we picked some winners. I've got to say we've been quite disappointed with you readers that didn't bother to make a poster, they only take 5 minutes, I guess not many of you wanted to look ultra cool in a blood red House of the Dead: OVERKILL t-shirt, meh, shame on you.

The quality of the people that did bother to enter was good, a quick note to Doogle if your reading, the idea was to use SEGA's Overkill Poster Creator to make your entry, not make one from scratch using photoshop whoops.

So who are the winners, here they are:

  • hero-of-time
  • sean FMT
  • Coire
  • Wiiloveit
  • tootie_kicks

Two special mentions go to Hero-of-time who entered many times with lots of good designs and another mention to Putcharles who did a great design but your in Brazil mate, we can't send UK prizes there... sorry!

Thanks to those that did enter and those that didn't, put in the effort next time yeah?

[source Competition: House of the Dead: Overkill T-Shirt Give Away!]