We ALL hang at Club SEGA

Across Sega Sammy Holdings as a whole - which includes Sammy's pachinko/pachislot machines, along with Sega's arcade machines and home video games - a downturn in revenue has led to the company revising its forecast for the financial year, with Sega now bracing for a USD$235,424,993 loss come March.

Ouch, that's gotta be painful. Kotaku have reported that the Japanese company are set to close 110 arcade centres, cut 500+ jobs and finally reduce research and development by around ~20%.

All said and done SEGA aren't out of the woods and really need to focus on the profitable side of their business, we just hope that includes developing on Wii - perhaps the cheapest platform to develop for.

SEGA's 2009 E3 line up should reveal all.

[source kotaku.com]