The excellent Pulseman

The least surprising of the lot is Clu Clu Land. It's already available in the US and was released in PAL regions originally, so it's no shock that it's coming to the VC elsewhere.

Also not really unexpected is Kirby's Dream Land 3. Also already available in the US, it wasn't released in Europe/Australia originally, but seeing as various other imports were rated recently, it was only a matter of time until this one was rated!

By far the biggest surprise though is Pulseman, an action/platformer game for the Mega Drive. Also never released outside Japan and the US, this is one of the first games ever made by Game Freak, who you probably know as the creators of most Pokemon games. It's anyone's guess if this will count as import title on VC or not though - It was only released in the US as downloadable game on the Sega Channel originally. Golden Axe III, which was also download-only in the US (And not available at all in Europe), is available on VC as a non-import. Will Pulseman go the way of Golden Axe III or will we have to pay an extra 100 points? Even if we do, it'll be worth it!

It is also worth noting that just a day after we did a news story on an OFLC update containing two imports, the OFLC rated Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II, yet another import title.

That's more than enough imports rated for a Hanabi Festival - Any time now!

If you're a WiiWare fan the OFLC has even more good news today - They've rated Gradius Rebirth, which is the first sign of it coming to PAL regions.