Headstrong boys

One of the perks of running a games website is when you get invited to events, SEGA put on the fantastic Guns N Gore II event to showcase House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWorld and The Conduit.

Upon arriving at the Wii Flat just off Oxford St we were treated to a fantastic array of official SEGA sarnies, the ones that Kev had left anyway. After a bit of hob-nobbing the Headstrong boys arrived and gave us a great introduction to the House of the Dead: Overkill.

The most interesting thing was the extra insight they gave us into the game, for example Neil McEwan was explaining that his hatred for Harry Potter (he's an ex EA employee) might of inspired the design of cabbage son, Jasper. Also when he morphed into his mutant self the boss character is actually based on Vic 'n Bobs Lloyd Grossman sketch, brilliant!

That's me, honest.

After that we all had a play on the game with a knock out tourney, after beating SEGA's Kev (he'll tell you it was that DAMN civillian) I was knocked out in the second round by the eventual runner up, who claimed a copy of House of the Dead: The Movie as a booby prize, ouch. The winner earned himself a Handcannon and a signed poster for Papa's Palace of Pain.

Next up was MadWorld, one of the localizion team was here to demo the game and show us the controls, some moves and what the heck it was all about. Highly amusing game with some very creative "deaths", you can read my hands on opinions here. MadWorld is still scheduled for release in March in both US and Europe.

We also had a quick blast with The Conduit, SEGA's recent pick up from developers High Voltage Software, very interesting game, we didn't get long to play this one but it was enough time to give you my hands on thoughts. It's looking very good so far, hopefully it won't take too much longer before it gets a full release.

Overkill + signed = WIN

In true SEGA style that wasn't all - there was then a quick prize draw for some limited edition signed MadWorld posters, Martin did the right thing and pulled out my name from the "hat". Good on you Martin!

All in all a fantastic trip down to SEGA, playing three great games, getting a signed HOTD and signed MadWorld poster was the icing on the cake, it's times like these that make it worth while, thank you SEGA team We look forward to the next event, but can it get better than this?

[source flickr.com]