Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - 16-bit goodness!

Crystal Defenders R1 and Crystal Defenders R2 are the first two parts of Square's Crystal Defenders. As you might remember, the game was originally released for iPhone, and is now being ported to all three current consoles - It's too big for WiiWare though, so that version is being split up into seperate parts!

Family Pirate Party is the third game in the "Family" series. In this one you roll dice and move around a game board, then play minigames, not quite unlike Mario Party. The previous two games in the series weren't that hot, maybe this one will deliver?

The big surprise, however, is Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. This is a direct sequel to the SNES game, set 17 years after its events. It is currently being released in Japan for mobile phones (In monthly parts), but Square said not too long ago that a western release would most likely be on WiiWare - It seems they spoke the truth!