Obviously SEGA are aware of how much I like HOTD, that's why they won't tell me the bad news about HOTD4 never coming to the consoles - damn you guys, make it happen, you know it makes sense.

They've distracted me with OVERKILL for now, which let's face it, is a good sign for the franchise, more games, more often? yes please. What they've gone and done now could be good, could be bad. I'm a HUGE fan of what the Wii remote has done for "gun" games on Wii, bringing them back, I love them, but the Zapper, OH THE ZAPPER, was really, simply, pointless. It didn't make it feel or work any better - just a waste of time piece of plastic.

SEGA have massively ripped off Planet Terror with OVERKILL, but I don't mind - Planet Terror was excellent - I just hope they've cleared it with Rodriguez, it's painfully (see what I did there?) obvious.

In step the "Hand Cannons", a more suitable "Zapper" style plastic housing for the Wiimote. We've not managed to get one of these yet, hell we don't even have the game yet, but I'll be pleading with SEGA to get one to me ASAP for review.

If they shun me (yes, I know, it happens) you'll just have to wait till our retail copy arrives and we'll post a review then. I'm almost excited.