Sonic gets angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Sonic Unleashed will launch players on a revolutionary high-speed adventure through a world torn by chaos. Powered by the all-new “Hedgehog Engine,” Sonic Unleashed merges classic Sonic gameplay with the latest in next-generation innovation. It launches players on a journey across the globe and merges blistering 2D action with picturesque 3D environments. Sonic Unleashed delivers an expansive world with seamless 3D to 2D transitions and branching pathways, as well as dynamic viewpoints and a series of enhanced speed mechanics to help Sonic navigate the world.

We got our copy earlier this week and we're busy play testing it, expect a full and frank review by the end of the weekend. Will the double dose of Hedgehog and Warehog really work? We'll tell you!

For those that simply can't wait, the game has been released across Europe today, the 28th, and was released last week across North America.