Creating fun for all the family, this fall will see the arrival of Wii Music. Whether you are a music maestro or taking your first musical steps, this new title for Wii will have the whole family creating unique musical performances together with over 60 different instruments to choose from.

Perhaps one of the sideshows for many at E3, but this one actually excites us quite alot. Instead of the button bashing action of something like Guitar Hero, Nintendo are trying to make something alittle more creative. With the addition of the Balance Board support it could be quite fun.

The best thing is that we don't have to wait much longer, October 20th and November 14th are the official release dates for US and Europe respectively.

Miyamoto is certainly continuing his efforts to make something new with every game, he seems to be one of the few in the industry willing to push the limits of the genres by creating entirely new ones, will Wii Music reinvent the music genre or simply slot in with all the others? Time will tell.

Look out for our review of the US version later in the month.