The extra stage in this version of Gradius II

Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou is the sequel to the original Gradius. Strangely enough, neither the arcade version, nor any of its home ports ever made it outside Japan, until a recent collection on the PSP. This TurboGrafx-CD version is arguably the closest to the original arcade game, with great graphics, an awesome CD soundtrack, voice samples and even an exclusive extra stage! As it's an import, and a CD game, it costs 900 Wii Points.

Digital Champ: Battle Boxing is basically a faster-paced version of the Punch-Out!! series. You take control of a boxer from a first-person view and attempt to beat a variety of opponents to reach the top. The problem is that it's just not very fun - The control's a bit iffy, the opponents are all very generic, and there's not a whole lot of different opponents either! Like Gradius II, it's an import, however, this is not a CD game, so it'll run you 700 Wii Points instead.

It's anyone's guess how long Hudson's next games will take to come out!

On WiiWare this week, you can download the newest installment of the most well-known puzzle series of all time - Tetris Party. You can also grab The Incredible Maze, an interesting game where you tilt the Wii Remote or Balance Board to steer a ball through a maze.