British Technology Awards

The Awards – which have been voted for online by the general public through and by readers of Computeractive and Personal Computer World – have been created to offer a snapshot of the country’s digital lifestyle. Designed to provide a glimpse at the nation’s technological obsessions, the British Technology Awards have revealed the gadgets and gizmos we’ve most enjoyed over the last 12 months.

Okay, so it's not an award show we're aware of but it's done some good PR for Nintendo as it seems us Brits are pretty happy with Nintendo hardware at present.

Nintendo cemented a stellar year for its gaming consoles, bagging the Best Gaming Technology Award for the innovative Nintendo Wii, and Best Kids Technology for the Nintendo DS.

Cool cool, Nintendo I'm sure are very proud. Other winners on the night were Apple's iPhone, BBC's iPlayer, Google's Maps app and even ASUS's ickle EEE PC, all products our office is very familiar with.

Ironically no British Technology won any British Technology Awards... doh.