Satori Iwata took to the stage amoungst flashing lights infront of an eagally awaiting audience, he was about to reveal what Nintendo had in store for the next 6 months. There was quite alot of information to get through, so we're going to give you the brief overview here with some more in depth news stories for each of the major points.

Introducing DSi
Brand new model for DS, the third in the family. The device will play normal DS games, it will be smaller, lighter and have slightly bigger screens. The DSi will have added twin camera functionality, SD Card slot, better WiFi connection however the GBA slot has been removed. The DSi will launch Nov 1st in Japan available in White or Black and will cost 18,900yen (~£100).

DSi will have new internal memory, similar "channels" system to Wii which allows for a new DSWare shop. Certain tools to be made available for free on launch such as the DS Browser, Moving Notes and two tools for the DSi Camera (photo manipulation software) and DSi Sound (audio manipulation software).

Nintendo Points
Wii Points to be renamed "Nintendo Points" as they will now work on both Nintendo DSi and Wii.

Nintendo Zone
Nintendo are working with a number of companies in Japan to setup Nintendo Zone WiFi hotspots, no setup required just walk into the store and you get a connection. Unlikely to be done here in Europe, so we can pretty much forget about it.

Wii Storage Problem
Nintendo admit there's a problem, but have only given a half-assed response, they will be issuing an system update sometime in the Spring of 2009 which will allow you to download directly to SD card (when not enough internal memory) so you won't need to reshuffle things around, however you will still need to move the desired file to the internal memory in order to play it (they promise a one step method to do this). Sigh.

Wii Internet Conversion Rate
Nintendo recognise that a number of Wii owners don't really understand how to connect their machine to the internet (n00bs) but Nintendo are offering alot of help in different ways, even selling their own access point hardware for DS/Wii. They are also starting a campaign that for anyone who helps a friend get connected online they will receive 500 Nintendo Points for free.

Wii Speak Channel
Nintendo announce that the Wii Speak hardware microphone included with Animal Crossing will get its own channel, allowing you to speak to your other Wii friends and even send voicemail messages over the Internet.

Wii Sports Resort
Delayed until Spring 2009 in Japan, no doubt Summer 2009 for the west. Boo hiss, but lets hope its worth it. No real new details announced, WiiMotion Plus still included.

Play On Wii
Nintendo set to release a number of re-developed-for-wii Gamecube titles, starting with Donkey Kong Jungle Beat followed by Pikmin. These are games that Nintendo claim still have a market value because frankly alot of Wii owners never had a Gamecube and therefore still might be interested in some of the best Gamecube games re-developed with Wii specific control systems. Something which I actually agree with Nintendo on, top. Budget prices though please.

Nintendo also announced some hot new titles, but more about those in other posts.

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