Platforming fun in this Hanabi Festival's last big title - DoReMi Fantasy.

First, the new imports:

DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure was released in the US almost half a year ago. What an unfair wait! Thankfully it's now out in Europe as well. In the game you play as Milon from Milon's Secret Castle (Which strangely hasn't been released on Europe's Virtual Console yet). The difference however is that instead of an exploration/puzzle game like Milon's Secret Castle, this game is actually a platformer. Featuring enjoyable gameplay, a variety of unique features (Such as blowing bubbles to trap enemies - Think Bubble Bobble!), extremely nice graphics and an unusual but catchy soundtrack, DoReMi Fantasy fetches a high price among collectors. Thankfully, you can now get it for just 900 Wii Points!

There almost always seems to be a stinker accompanying a great game. In this case that's Spelunker - This cave exploring game from Irem (Normally known for shooters) is brings out thoughts of Donkey Kong, as your character seems to die if he drops from a place that's higher than the length of his legs. Besides that it's fairly different - Your objective is to collect a variety of items to gradually work your way down a mine to find treasure. The concept sounds ok on paper, but the game is obnoxiously annoying and difficult, meaning you'll likely never see the end of the first stage. On top of that, the game was never released in Europe - You'll have to pay 600 Wii Points for it! Stay away!

After a 3-month break Hudson has also seen fit to release some new Turbografx delights in Europe. And what a way to start! Ys Book I & II is a compilation of the games Ys I and Ys II, both originally developed for NEC's old PC-8801 system. Unfortunately, the PC-8801 was never released outside Japan! This package includes remakes of both games - Not only do they have upgraded graphics and gameplay, there is also a fantastic CD soundtrack and, yes, voice acting! It was mostly because of this game that the Ys series managed to get a cult following in the west. Fans of the game will probably tell you this is one of the greatest RPGs of all time - Trust us, they aren't lying!

Accompanying Ys is Chase H.Q., a port of a Taito arcade game. You play as a cop who has to arrest a variety of criminals by catching up to them in his car. The game doesn't have too much depth, but it was an arcade classic. If you loved the game back in the day, it might be good to retrieve lost memories, but otherwise, it's a fairly unimpressive game, and we don't really recommend it.

Unlike last week, there were no WiiWare games released this time. Oh well, you've got two great VC games! This week also brings Europe to 249 VC games - What will the 250th one be, we wonder?