Feel the terror!

The player controls the character of either Ruka, Misaki, Madoka, or Choushiro, and uses the Camera Obscura to photograph and fight off ghosts. The player explores the various buildings present on Rougetsu Island. On the main screen there is a sensor bar that indicates if a ghost is present. When the sensor bar glows red, there is a hostile ghost nearby. If the sensor bar turns blue, there is a neutral or friendly ghost present, one that will not attack but can be captured with the camera, or an item to pick up nearby. At any point in the game, the player can enter the first person camera mode in which ghosts can be defeated.

Known as "Zero" in Japan and "Project Zero" in Europe this game looks like it could be good, but sounds like it probably won't be.. running around in the dark taking photos of ghosts? hmm..

The game was released in Japan late last month and received an impressive 34/40 from the dungeon masters at Famitsu. Still hope for a decent Western conversion? Stranger things have happened.

Watch this haunted space... if you dare.