Marco Rossi is always prepared!

The well-known VC game is of course Metal Slug for the Neo Geo. As Marco Rossi or Tarma Roving, you have to take on a whole army full of soldiers, tanks, planes, artillery and other machinery. Like in games such as Contra, one hit will kill you, so you have to be very careful not to hit any of the tons of bullets flying around! You will start with a regular hand pistol, but will soon get weapons like rocket launchers (Jokingly called "rocket lawnchairs" by some due to the way the game pronounces it), flamethrowers and grenades. The game is probably the Neo Geo's most well-known franchise.

The other game this week is lesser-known. City Connection is a port of an arcade game, where you drive around various locations with your specially-modified car, painting all the roads white to "prove" you've visited those places. Your car can also fire oil drums to protect itself from the police, who are of course out to stop your vandalism. The game was moderately popular in arcades, but is nothing really special. It's not necessarily bad either though.

On the WiiWare side of things, today you get Dr. Mario Online RX and Family Table Tennis, both games that Japan got with their WiiWare launch. Sorry, no Toki Tori yet! Visit sister site WiiWare World for more info.