Happier times at GC 2006

It may have attracted 185,000 people last year and now ranks as the number one gaming expo in Europe but Nintendo has today confirmed that it wouldn’t be attending the Leipzig Games Convention 2008.

The Japanese giant has commented that events such as road shows and small-scale local events have proven to be tremendously successful, and that the decision isn’t a slur on the Leipzig Games Convention.

We’re quite cynical about these kind of announcements here at NintendoLife Towers and if we were to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment, we’d say that this is Nintendo deciding that with the Wii being so successful the company doesn’t really need to waste cash on events such as Leipzig.

And if we were feeling particularly grumpy, we could also point out that Nintendo has always enjoyed a ‘love/hate’ relationship with Europe. Usually leaning towards the ‘hate’ side.

Perhaps the Big N just isn’t interested in us Europeans?

[source kotaku.com]