EarthBound - It's really coming to VC!

If you're familiar at all with the Mother series (Only the second game was released outside Japan, as EarthBound) you should know it's got an enormous cult following. In fact, EarthBound was the number one wanted VC game in the Nintendo Power poll just a few days ago! Fans have pleaded for Nintendo to release the other games in the series, Mother and Mother 3 in the West, or at least give the series some more attention, but to this day, their wishes still haven't been satisfied. That is all changing now - EarthBound has been rated by the ESRB, indicating that it will be released on the VC in the future.

All the praise EarthBound gets is really not just because Nintendo seems to be ignoring it outside Japan. It's a really solid and unique RPG - Instead of in the past or future it actually takes place during the present day, and you fight with weapons like yo-yos and baseball bats. The game is filled with cultural references to bands, videogames and more, has an excellent story, an excellent soundtrack, great, colourful graphics and tons more good stuff. Sadly, the game was never released in Europe, but we can always hope it shows up as an import game, right?

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The ESRB (As well as the PEGI, earlier today) also rated the Neo Geo game Metal Slug. The ESRB has also rated Samurai Shodown II and the WiiWare games Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, Dr. Mario & Germ Buster (The ESRB lists it as Dr. Mario Wii - Its possible US name?) and Gyrostarr.