Flag of South Korea. SVG

Let’s take a look at the launch games as listed on the Korean Nintendo site:

Famicom / NES (400 Wii Points)
Antarctic Adventure - Konami
Donkey Kong - Nintendo
Kirby's Adventure - HAL Laboratory
Super Mario Bros. - Nintendo

Super Famicom / SNES (600 Wii Points)
Gradius III - Konami
Super Mario World - Nintendo
Super Metroid - Nintendo
Cybernator - Hudson
Contra III: The Alien Wars - Nintendo

Nintendo 64 (800 Wii Points)
Mario Kart 64 - Nintendo

Let’s not begrudge the lower price point for games in this region, there is no need for jealousy. These games will cost a whole lot of Won in Korean terms so it’s not really like they are getting special treatment comparatively. Still Nintendo could have just sold the Wii points cheaper to begin with couldn’t they?

If you were wondering what Antarctic Adventure on the NES was, you probably won’t have heard of it because it never got released in the west. It is sort of a racing game where you drive a penguin! The penguin character Penta, and his son Pentarou have made appearances in over 10 Konami games to date, including the excellent Parodius.

Check it out: