Samson and Adon are a weird bunch!

The strangest pick of the bunch is most definitely Cho Aniki. The Cho Aniki series has received a metric ton of ridicule from Western gamers over the years, for having a pair of half-naked bodybuilders called Samson and Adon as its main characters (Although in this first game, they're only helpers). If you can look past the extremely strange graphics though, you'll actually find some pretty good games. Their soundtracks are also quite good - There's even a popular rumour that the games' soundtracks sold more than the actual games.

The second new import is also quite worth mentioning. Star Parodier is Hudson's answer to Konami's Parodius - The latter was a parody of Konami's own Gradius starring bizarre situations and hilariously remixed classical music. Star Parodier is a parody of Hudson's own Star Soldier, not only featuring the Star Soldier ship, but also Bomberman and a giant PC Engine as playable characters! Just like Parodius, the graphics and music are far more wacky than its normal counterpart.

The third newly rated game is also interesting. Konami shoot 'em up fans will be pleased to hear that Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou is finally being released in Western territories. It actually was featured in a few collections on more recent systems, but this'll be the first time the original stand-alone game will be released here. Note that this is a different game from "Gradius 2" (Regular number instead of Roman numeral), which was only released on the MSX aside from being in some collections.

The fourth import isn't nearly as noteworthy as the other three. Digital Champ: Battle Boxing can be seen as a Turbografx version of Super Punch-Out!!, although it's not nearly as wacky or fun to play. This might be one to avoid.

Aside from the four imports, another game was OFLC rated, but we already knew about it a few weeks ago - Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom was USK rated, but later removed, presumably because the USK realized it was a VC game (They don't list VC ratings on their site). But still, the OFLC has now reconfirmed that it is indeed heading our way. It's date of rating is listed as being in March, but it was not on the OFLC prior to Friday, so they must've forgotten to add it.

Hudson really seems to love imports! What would you like to see them bring over next?