A scan of the Famitsu magazine containing the screens. (Click to enlarge)

While the magazine doesn't actually specifically say if it's a Wii game or WiiWare game, we're assuming it's the latter, as a Bomberman WiiWare game was announced a while ago. When you look at it's features this seems to be the likely case - Besides a single-player quest, it will have online multiplayer for up to 8 players, and Mii support. Besides that, there's not much to say - The game does look very faithful to the classic Bomberman games, though.

Famitsu also says the game is expected to be released around June this year, keeping in line what with Hudson said when they first announced the title (They said it would launch in Spring - As long as it releases early in June that will be the case).

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that this is actually a Wii game. There is still a WiiWare Bomberman game in the works, but sadly this isn't it! I'll still be buying this one though, how about you?