Despite posting depressing worldwide sales figures, Capcom’s excellent adventure title Zack & Wiki may be getting a sequel, according the game’s creator.

Hironobu Takeshita was interviewed late last year and asked if Capcom had any plans to create a franchise based on the game.

For us making Zack & Wiki was a very new way of making games in that it forces you to use your head, to get inspiration to use the puzzles, and also use your body in order to physically control [the game]. So it’s a very new way of making games. I have a lot of confidence in Zack & Wiki, and especially the foreign media [outside of Japan] seem to have a lot of hope and respect for the title. So of course it depends on how it sells, and the sales of the title, but that is something I would like to do, to turn it into a series

Sadly, it seems that Takeshita-san made these comments before being informed that the game had only shifted a pathetic 35,000 units in the States. It’s therefore unlikely that Capcom will take the risk on a follow-up. However, the same thing happened with Power Stone on the Sega Dreamcast many moons ago, yet the publisher was brave enough to give it another try. We certainly have our fingers crossed here at Nlife as Zack & Wiki is one of the most enjoyable Wii games we’ve played in quite some time.