This is the best image of Evan we could find.

When talking to GameSpot about EA's problems Evan also went on to state that he believes Nintendo and Microsoft will stick to the five year console cycle in this generation.

"We believe that peak industry sales will occur in 2010, given that Microsoft will likely introduce its next console that year and Nintendo will likely launch before then," he said.

"Further, 2010 is also likely to coincide with the end of the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP cycles."

Just months ago Evan stated that he believes the successor to the Nintendo DS Lite to be pretty much finished, though he doubts Nintendo will make any firm comments on the new hardware until Nintendo DS sales die down. Sounds like good business to me.

From the less interesting other half of the interview, Evan goes on to talk about the ways in which EA can turn around their currently poor financial status. To be honest I don't think it takes a genius to sort out EA's problem:

Make better games.