Zack & Wiki, otherwise known as Capcom’s ode to the classic ‘point and click’ adventures of old, is a fantastic game. It’s heartening to see a developer like Capcom putting so much effort into brand new intellectual property and it’s even more encouraging when the end product is so wonderfully polished and enjoyable.

But there’s one slight problem: no one bought it.

After scraping into the Japanese sales charts at a mediocre 29th, the thoroughly likeable game met a similar fate in the States, barely registering on the radar of many Wii owners. The Euro release takes place on 18th January but we're not expecting it to topple the likes of Assassin's Creed and Need for Speed: Prostreet, to be perfectly honest.

We simply cannot fathom why this is the case here at NintendoLife Towers; this is a triple A title worthy of anyone’s time and money, yet it vanishes almost without trace at retail. What is wrong with the general public? (And by ‘general public’, we naturally mean you.)

It’s hard to complain about a lack of innovation when titles of this quality fail to entice people to part with their cold, hard cash. We only hope that this won’t put Capcom off experimenting with new franchises in the future.