Nintendo’s cup runneth over. Not only is the company riding high in terms of worldwide hardware and software sales, it would appear that it also has fans in very lofty places.

UK tabloid The People has reported that Her Majesty The Queen of England has recently become hooked on the Nintendo Wii purchased for her grandson Prince William. Apparently the Ruler of the United Kingdom is a dab hand at Wii Sports, so we’re told.

This latest story adds to the rather unlikely picture of the 81 year old monarch being something of a tech-head; not only does she like videogames, she also rocks out with her ipod, sends emails and dials up her homies on her Blackberry. Very swish.

Of course given the rather unreliable nature of the source it’s possible that all this is complete rubbish, but we’re sure that Nintendo isn’t complaining; this is exposure that money simply cannot buy.

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