Looks tidy, does it not?

The Wii is a lovely looking machine with a superb design. However, there’s one element that lets the console down – the bloody flaps that covers the Gamecube ports and memory card slots. They're flimsy at the best of times and often fail to close correctly, causing minutes of annoyed fumbling as you try to click them back into place. Plus, when you’re using Cube pads it kinda makes the machine look ugly when flipped into the 'open' position.

But never fear, because there is hope, as reported by WiiNintendo:

The folks at Cyber Gadget have had enough of this obstruction, and have released a single replacement for the two, called the “Cyber Lid.”

For $8.66, you too can own this sleek and functional piece of molded plastic, which replaces those bulky and cumbersome flaps with small sliding panels (for the controller ports) and rubber stoppers (for the memory cards). Now you can enjoy your old Gamecube library without having to be constantly reminded of the borderline retarded design of this particular part of the Wii.

[source wiinintendo.net, via cybergadget.co.jp]