American softco Bioware, famous for its Star Wars RPGs on the Xbox (as well as numerous other titles) has released shots of its upcoming Sonic title for the Nintendo DS. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (to give it it’s full moniker) is looking very promising indeed and the initial scans published in the latest edition of Nintendo Power magazine make us extremely intrigued here at NintendoLife.

French site has the scoop, which has been translated here from the original French using Bablefish:

Nintendo Power has just diffused in its last edition the very first images of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (in the past Sonic RPG) developed by Bioware which one knows especially to have occupied of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic or Mass Effect. The play thus seems to approach a style closer to the drawing animated Sonic while proposing engagements with the turn by turn in 3d with special blows with the Elite Beat Agents. It will be possible to compose a team of 4 on the 11 characters available whose Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow or Big the Cat. Each one of these characters will have a particular ability, Tails for example will have the possibility of flying to the top of objects. With the manner of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, the play will be controlled exclusively with the stylet, moreover it will not have there random combat since all your enemies will be visible with the screen. As very good RPG one finds of course the possibility of increasing level, its competences and to acquire new attacks. Concerning the history it will be a question this time of a removal of Knuckles and emeralds but Eggman will apparently not be the principal enemy here even if he will have a role to play. The play will make you pass between the usual world of Sonic and the world obscure. It will unfortunately be necessary still to wait to have a little more information on Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood envisaged on Nintendo DS.